RN to BSN Online – Two Top Nursing Schools

Are you looking for a good online nursing program? Well, you have come to the right place. You know, it isn’t always easy to balance your career and your home life in normal circumstances, so if you are looking to gain a BSN qualification.

Once you have decided that you are going to embark on an online degree, you should then decide from which university you wish to study with. In order to make it a little easier for you to choose, we have two examples here for you that you may want to consider. By choosing this type of degree, you are allowing yourself to study from home and continue to work at the same time. So giving your choice of school some thought could be very worthwhile.

Western Governors University

This is a non profit institution which operates via an online learning model. This place has won awards for the competence of the employees it creates from its course. In order for you to qualify for their program, you are to have ninety hours of clinical training and that you have been given CCNE accreditation and you have evidence of past good practice. So in total you need 120 competency units under your belt. Usually RNs have fifty. So you have seventy more to gain by going through the program. This institution is the only one in the world which is recognised by four different awarding bodies all over the world for the skills of their students.

Grand Canyon University

This officially a Christian University which draws its roots back over seventy years. It has been applauded with running one of the worlds best online nursing programs. It has also been widely accredited by mainstream media who are often keen to demonstrate the benefits of study there. A great advantage of this course is that it allows students to start every two weeks, so there is no such thing as a build up of students waiting in line for a place.

This streamed admissions policy allows for people to start whenever they wish. In the meantime you are still able to work and continue your experience gathering in a clinical setting. go to http://www2.kent.edu/nursing/programs/bachelors/rnbsn/index.cfm for more info.In total the course lasts sixteen months. This institution has been highlighted by the Higher Learning Commission and has succeeded in attaining accreditation every single time that it has been assessed.

BSN-prepared nurses

So if you are a potential applicant for an online nursing program, make sure that you spend time thinking about which institution you wish to enrol with. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, some of them are better than others and different for different people. It is really up to your own preferences and abilities and indeed your schedule. So it is paramount you way up the facts of your life and your schedule before you choose.

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