Should I Be a Medical Assistant or a Nurse?

Are you confused about which nursing program is right for you? Are you divided between the choices of medical assistant and nurse? Are they any different, how should I even go about choosing? If you choose to study on of these, you are able to apply for many of the same jobs but you are in fact heading down totally different career paths. Similar does not mean the same and that is a very valid point with this subject. The courses do have similarities but in total, they have a meaning which is very different.

Patient Care:

You will provide care to patients for both of these roles. This type of activity could include assisting a patient with hygiene and feeding as well as caring for their wounds and preparing patients to undergo diagnostic processes. Both professions are responsibly for preventing the spread of infections and keeping the place clean which includes changing bed linens and non-disposable medical equipment.

Work Environment:

This is also a similarity between the two. They could find themselves working in doctor’s surgeries of in hospitals or clinics. Some of them employ both types of careers in order to have a facility which runs professionally and smoothly at all times.

Work Schedule:

Both careers have the options of working different types of schedules. This is often dependant on the requirements of your employer. They could be anything from eight hour to twelve hour shifts depending on what is needed. If you find yourself working in a doctor’s surgery, expect more of a nine to five gig. These nurses and Mas often expect weekends and holidays off as opposed to being required to work unsociable hours in a hospital. However, the advantage of working for a hospital is that you can choose your schedules from the listed shifts although you have to work on holiday times.



This is where the major differences come into play. Mas are not required to actually go through s formalised nursing program, they are given training as it is seen fit. However, there are courses available which provide this necessary training in a more structured fashion. You may also be given the opportunity to qualify as an MA throughout your work. In order to be a nurse you must complete an accredited nursing program which is quite often a degree program. Nursing is far more academic than being an MA.


This one is very cut and dry. Nurses are paid almost three times as much as Mas. So all of that extra studying pays off when it comes to the choice between the too.  So it really depends on how much work you are willing to put into your career which will decide on whether you become an MA or go on a nursing program.

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